Maharshi Kapila the great sage

Rsi KapilaMaharshi Kapila the founder of Samkhya was “the first enlightened one” to attain liberation and show others the way to eternal peace.

This image is a hand drawn picture of the great sage Kapila. He had a human body but the artist who drew the picture had never seen him. However, the significance of this picture is that it symbolizes the most appropriate visual of the great sage. Whatever might have been his outward physical appearance, his mental state must have been that of one in meditation and at perfect peace with the world.

He has therefore been shown as seated underneath a tree in a lonely forest with a crystal clear stream flowing by. The influence of an overwhelming sensation of peace emanating from the great sage makes it possible for a deer and a tiger to rest peacefully by his side free of fear for life and violent instincts. Peace or serenity of the picture, should be felt within.

Ideas are meant to be realized mentally and cannot be depicted physically. A picture can at best depict a figure which is supposed to be permeated by a particular idea. Till the time the mind is able grasp that sublime idea and its true significance, the image does serve the useful purpose of projecting that idea. Eventually when the mind can hold on to that idea represented by the image, the picture is no longer necessary.