Yoga – What it is and what it is not

The ability to stop at will the fluctuations or modifications of the mind which is acquired through constant practice in a spirit of renunciation is called Yoga. True Yoga is practised with a view to attaining salvation. The stoppage of the fluctuations of the mind or its modifications implies the art of keeping only one idea before the mind’s eye and shutting out all other ideas or thoughts. In an advanced state of practice, it is possible to Continue reading “Yoga – What it is and what it is not”

The Twenty-five Tattvas of Samkhya

Q: What are the twenty-five Tattvas of Samkhya?

A: The principles or Tattvas are twenty-five in number. They are five gross elements (Bhutas), viz.
(1) Ksiti, (2) Ap, (3) Tejas, (4) Vayu, and (5) Akasa characterized respectively by smell, taste, visual form, thermal sensation and sound;
the five subtle monads (Tanmatras), viz.
(6) smell (Gandha), (7) taste (Rasa), (8) light (Rupa), (9) thermal (Sparsa) and (10) sound (Sabda); Continue reading “The Twenty-five Tattvas of Samkhya”